So, you have decided to go for wooden flooring. But, before buying wooden floors for your house make sure that it will suit to your home and lifestyle. Undoubtedly, after installing wooden floor you need not to worry about its durability and maintenance.

Besides, you need not give much stress to clean your timber floor. However, apart from these innumerable conveniences you should not forget about the price which you need to spend in buying a hardwood floor. So, before spending such huge amount think twice if wooden floors will suit to you. Here we will discuss about things to consider when buying hardwood flooring.

It’s all about your lifestyle –

Before installing good hardwood timber flooring you should think about your lifestyle once more. If you have many members in the family especially children and pets, or you are a single person then installing hardwood floor will be just appropriate for you because it can resist scratches and dents. Besides, a distressed or wire brushed look of wooden floor will provide your house a furnished sight.

It’s all about the kind of wood you select –

There are two types of wood available in market, one hardwood and the other is solid wood. Now, this solid wood will be perfect for that area which stays moist all the time. For example, you may use solid wood for basement. Some people use solid wood also for the interior of the house floor. Now, high quality solid wood although looks like ordinary solid wood but is somehow different from the ordinary one by its size and adaptability. So, if you like the modern look of solid wood, then install it.

Don’t use it for lower floor –

Although solid wood is good for basement but still you can’t use it on the floor of basement because when you use it on the floor of basement it will start to damage quickly. But, it will be easily fitted on the surface of the concrete floor. Even on the surface of the plywood, solid wood and engineered wood can be installed.

Think about its cost –

When you go to market for buying hardwood, you may get it in $4-$10. But that is just a buying a price. After buying hardwood you need to install it by spending more $5.